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To the Moon!

Give your future astronauts their first look into space. First contact will be up to them.

The Big Space Shuttle
Home Video for Ages: 3 - 8 yrs.
VHS Price: $14.95
In a superbly organized fashion, this video teaches everyone about the mysteries behind the space program - specifically, the topic of space shuttles. Family viewing is encouraged as adults will find no better introduction to this part of our space program.

StarFlyersStarFlyers: Alien Space Chase
Software for Ages: 5 - 8 yrs.
Price: $19.99
In this new series of problem-solving space-fantasy software, pint-sized Katherine Cadell uses her extraordinary imagination to turn everyday problems into fantastic adventures that bring StarFlyers to the rescue. Between the slick graphics and the challenging fun, little space cadets will get a real rocket boost from the solid content of this game.

The Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space
Home Video for Ages: 5 - 9 yrs.
VHS Price: $9.95
Ms. Frizzle, the science teacher, shows her primary graders how to take a field trip anywhere in the universe, learn important facts and figures and get home in time for dinner. Sometimes it's a miracle, albeit an expected one. Unlike the book series it's based on, each film is a breeze for all kids to follow.

The Heavenly ZooThe Heavenly Zoo: Legends and Tales of the Stars
Book for Ages: 6 - 9 yrs.
Author: Alison Lurie
Paperback Price: $6.95
This elegant and skillfully illustrated book retells the Greek myths behind the constellations.

Footprints on the Moon
Book for Ages: 6 - 12 yrs.
Author: Alexandra Siy
Hardback Price: $16.95
Twelve astronauts have left footprints on the moon. This book chronicles the history of Moon exploration and looks ahead to what the future might hold, all amidst stunning photographs that bring to life all the drama, excitement, and adventure of our quest to know our bright neighbor in the sky.

Starry Night Backyard Special Edition
Software for Ages: 7 & Up
Price: $59.95
This desktop planetarium, chock-full of celestial discoveries, is almost as amazing as the night sky it so thoroughly pictures.

Lunar LockoutLunar Lockout
Game for Ages: 8 & Up
Price: $12.00
There's an emergency aboard the space ship, and the astronaut must dock with the mothership in order to save the mission. The problem is that he can move only in a straight line, and unless his path is blocked or deflected by a "helper bot," he will go off into outer space and be lost.

DK Space Encyclopedia
Reference Book for Ages: 8 & Up
Author: Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest
Hardback Price: $29.95
A feast for the eyes with vibrant illustrations and photographs and food for the brain with detailed text, charts, biographies, and timelines, this encyclopedia and CD-ROM set provides an interactive and intergalactic journey into space.

The Incredible Journey to the PlanetsThe Incredible Journey to the Planets
Reference Book for Ages: 8 & Up
Author: Nicholas Harris
Hardback Price: $18.95
Journey to the Planets is full of colorful images and fascinating information, and the 3-D effect created by the windows cut into each page is a distinctive and clever idea.

Star Gazer Planetarium

Toy for Ages: 8 & Up
Price: $34.95
Starry, starry nights – indoors or out. Activities are challenging, the directions are clear. Appropriate for any Galileo 8 and up.

Space Academy GX-1
Software for Ages: 9 - 11 yrs.
Price: $29.95
You travel to a space station orbiting Earth to attend the Space Academy where four young, animated crew members guide and encourage you to investigate fascinating problem-solving missions, space experiments and the science behind it all. Created by teachers, tested by kids, Space Academy covers the astronomy required by national science standards and state norms in an entertaining and engaging way.

Apollo Lunar LanderMissions in Space Apollo 15 Lunar Lander
Toy for Ages: 9 & Up
Price: $29.99
A replica of the spacecraft that astronauts used to land on the Moon! This model features a Mission Commander figure, a sound module for realistic exploration sounds, and a special lunar rover that unfolds from underneath the lander.

Encyclopedia of Planet Earth

Reference Book for Ages: 9 & Up
Author: Anna Claybourne
Hardback Price: $21.95
Less an encyclopedia and more a “textual movie” of Planet Earth’s physical geography, this reference guide strikes the right balance of information for the age group: excellent illustrations and photographs, exciting layouts and low use of jargon.

Apollo 13Apollo 13
Home Video for Ages: 10 & Up
VHS Price: $9.98
Layered with suspense and enriched by superb performances, the heroic tale of the 1970 spaceship and the NASA program is intriguing and inspiring.

Missions in Space Saturn V Rocket
Toy for Ages: 10 & Up
Price: $49.99
This awesome rocket construction kit lets imaginations blast off.

Deep Space ExplorerDeep Space Explorer
Software for Ages: 12 & Up
Price: $49.95
This sophisticated software will entice older children and adults into deep space exploration. The scientific content is sound. The graphic interface is simple. The images are beautiful.

A+ Projects in Astronomy

Book for Ages: 12 & Up
Author: Janice Van Cleave
Paperback Price: $12.95
Astronomy concepts are presented in an engaging manner that almost guarantees comprehension. Although presented as a resource for science fair or extra credit work, the content is substantial enough to warrant daily use in the home or school classroom. The hands-on activities are guaranteed to keep students interested.

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