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10 Creative Projects for Crafty Kids

Art, craft, constructive and creative projects are perfect for days stuck indoors or anytime the kids are in search of something productive to do. Keeping a collection of art supplies and found objects on hand will ensure you have everything you need whenever inspiration strikes. Below are our recommendations for a ready-set of crafty materials and some of our favorite creative projects.

  • Crayons
  • Construction paper
  • Washable markers
  • Felt and fabric remnants
  • Pencils/pens
  • Ribbon/bric-a-brac
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or string
  • Hole punch
  • Beads and buttons
  • White glue/glue stick
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Tape
  • Plastic drinking straws
  • Glitter
  • Lunch bags
  • Tempera paints
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Paint brushes
  • Popsicle sticks

My Giant Busy Box1. My Giant Busy Box
Can't decide on just one thing to do? This craft kit includes 6 projects in one: make dough animals, collage a farm, sticker art, paper bag puppets and tissue art pictures. Also included are two plastic frames, four animal punch outs, ten colors of dough, two peel-and-stick tissue art pictures, tons of tissue paper, glue, and easy instructions. Best for ages 2 & up.

2. Design Your Own Monster
CurlyQ Cuties are custom, made-to-order, stuffed toy "monsters" that are available in a variety of vibrant colors and body shapes. Here's how they work: prospective monster makers log onto CurlyQ Cuties., select a color, body shape, eye color, random body part, and embroidery. The requested designs are submitted and a few days later (seriously, we got ours in three days, our other testers reported four days), a completely personalized monster arrives on the doorstep. CurlyQ Cuties come primed to be hugged and toted around. Best for ages 3 & up.

3. Experiment with Texture
Perfectly sized for small hands, the Ready2Learn Creative Texture Tools set includes four paintbrush "texture tools" and gives young artists plenty of creative license. This set includes handles that hold a crinkly sponge, soft foam, foam strips, and a chamois. Best for ages 3 & up.

4. Make a Movie or Bring Your Drawings to Life
The Kerpoof website is quite a nifty little package that only gets better with age. Done entirely in a browser using Flash, there is nothing to download, no software to purchase, configure or corrupt. Kerpoof is a robust and highly intuitive armoire of creative tools to draw pictures, animate movies, make a story, etc. But the real power behind the curtain is how Kerpoof connects the dots of learning for kids and parents and teachers. Skillfully developed lesson plans provide valuable tools to artfully guide students through spelling and storytelling, math and metaphors, poetry, parts of speech and even creating a visual thesaurus. Best for ages 4 & up.

Build Classic Wood Crafts5. Build Classic Wood Crafts
What could a crafty kid do with over four hundred pieces of wood in a variety of shapes and sizes, feathers, chenille stems, cotton and elastic string, wooden people and beads, glue, paints, paint brushes, a marker, and sand paper? They could probably come up with a few creative innovations. This kit includes instructions for creating a number of projects and a storage bag to hold all the supplies. With so many materials, this set can be used multiple times for hours of innovative play. Best for ages 5 & up.

6. Cook It In a Cup

These brightly-colored silicone baking cups may look like ordinary cupcake holders at first, but both beginning chefs and the more experienced set will quickly learn that cupcakes are only the beginning. The included cookbook offers 29 nutritious recipes for everything from scrambled eggs to layered nachos to lasagna - and, of course, classic cupcakes.
Best for ages 6 & up.

7. Silk Screen Your Own Clothing
With the Fashion Angels Fashion Design Silk Screen Super Set, children can customize their own clothing and accessories. The set includes a silk screen machine, ten stencils, five fabric paints, a paint brush, squeegee, silk material, t-shirt sketch pad, design sheet, colored sequins, design guide and more. After the designs have been made, let them dry before wearing and wait two days before washing them. Best for ages 8 & up.

8. Recycle Your Plastic Bags and Make a Monster
Is your closet loaded with plastic grocery bags? Have your kids put them to good use and make them into monsters with this Plastic Bag Monster kit. You supply the bags and the kit includes detailed instructions on how to make two monsters using the included supplies (pipe cleaners, wooden beads, moving eyes, etc.). Best for ages 8 & up.

Make Your Own Music Video9. Make Your Own Music Video
This kit is great for a group of kids that may include future rockstars, set designers or young fashion designers eager to make some crazy costumes. The guide packs easy and witty step-by-step instructions for any youngster with some creative flair who'd like to star in a music video. The book guides kids in choosing a genre of music (rock, pop, country or hip hop), selecting a music-video theme, writing storyboards (storyboard pages included) and adding special effects. It doesn't matter whether your children can play an instrument, or carry a tune, as this book works as well for accomplished young musicians as it does for lip sync artists. Anybody with a computer (PC or Mac), an internet connection, a video camera and a way to connect them can get started right away. Best for ages 8 & up.

10. Experiment with Science and Art
Optical Science & Art is an engaging optics science experiment kit that focuses on the connection between science and art. It comprises 42 experiments and activities that explain what light is, how we see it, and how our eyes can be tricked. Activities include making a pair of prismatic glasses, building a camera obscura, assembling a flip book, and demonstrating many optical illusions. The outstanding 48-page experiment manual includes excellent directions, illustrations, and photographs for each of the fun activities. Also included are lots of facts and real life applications of all the presented topics and related phenomena. Best for ages 8 & up.

For more ideas, see our complete Arts & Crafts list.


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