Video Game

Call for Entries:CLOSED
Winners Announced:August 16, 2018
The Parents' Choice Awards® Video Game category is open to:
  • Skill Building
  • Strategy
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • All systems including handheld
Submission Requirements
  1. Two (2) identical samples of each video game.
  2. Digital image of product.
  3. Total entry fee.

Please note: Game prototypes are not eligible for submission; nor are Beta or Gold versions of video games.

Submission Fees

Type of Product Entry Fee
Video Game $250 per title
General Criteria

Above all, games must be non-violent, encourage positive human values and be free of racial and gender bias. Games must exhibit high standards of technical production and graphic design and demonstrate the ability to develop players' logic and thinking skills. Game play should be innovative, robust and demonstrate longevity of game play.

Please Note: Specific results of product evaluations will not be released.

Products submitted to the Parents' Choice Awards program will not be returned. Submission fees will not be refunded.

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