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What Makes a Good Toy?

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Learning isn't confined to a classroom. Children, of all ages, learn in different ways, different places and at different times. Constructing an elaborate village in a sandbox, understanding that cars stop on a red light and go on a green, observing toys float and sink in the bathtub, helping map out a family vacation, or unearthing bugs in the backyard are opportunities to learn.

Featured Idea for Learning
Reference Tools & Homework Helpers
Start the school year right by offering your kids a ready set of reference tools and homework helpers for all of the subjects they will be studying. Use our guides below to find award-winning products and websites for students of any age.
Special Series
Media Diets
Managing Media Diets
Managing children's media diets - the content and its accessibility - is as important as making sure they eat healthy balanced meals. Leisure media time should be used as a snack, not a main course.

What's In a Game?
If you thought playing games was only about gathering the most objects and declaring yourself the winner, think again. Playing games offers your child an opportunity to develop hand/eye coordination, vocabulary, discipline - and that's just for starters.

Language Development
Speech pathologist Sherry Artemenko, MA-CCC, offers suggestions for choosing good language toys and books for your baby and strategies for stimulating language development.




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