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Minerva Louise and the Red Truck

Minerva Louise and the Red Truck

Fall 2002 Picture Books
Ages: 2 - 6 yrs.
Author: Janet Morgan Stoeke
Illustrator: Janet Morgan Stoeke
ISBN: 0-525-46909-5
Hardcover Price: $14.99
Making a fifth picture-book appearance, the goofy hen/heroine is off on a new adventure: riding in the farmer's red truck. Minerva Louise's cock-eyed identification of the various sights she passes (she calls a backyard swimming pool "a beautiful lake"; golfers on a green she identifies as "farmers hard at work"; a steepled church she sees as "a silly barn wearing a hat") are guaranteed to delight toddlers. Inspired foolishness.
Selma G. Lanes   ©2002 Parents' Choice

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