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Rock 'N Learn Beginning Fractions & Decimals

Rock 'N Learn Beginning Fractions & Decimals

Spring 2003 Home Video
Ages: 8 & Up
VHS Price: $14.99
Try coming up with a song that explains congruent fractions. It's not easy! However, this video proves it can be done. Using big-eyed animated characters - three children named Francis Fraction, Newman Numerator and Dennis Denominator - the lesson/program covers fractions and decimals in a way that actually makes it easy and fun. Examples challenge the viewer to reinforce the lesson. Suddenly my 7-year-old son and I were taking turns yelling out the answers. "Four-fifths!" "One-third!" If your kids aren't picking up the concept of fractions from their school lessons, or they have no interest, or maybe you just want them to get a head start, try turning to Francis, Newman and Dennis. The Rock 'N Learn series is an effective way to learn. The best part: if you don't get it the first time, re-wind the video and try again.
Ann Oldenburg   ©2003 Parents' Choice
Ann Oldenburg, lecturer and interim director of the journalism program at Georgetown University, writes about television, food, workplace issues and other pop culture topics. A University of Florida Gator with a degree in journalism, she began her career at The Washington Post and spent more than two decades with USA TODAY. She and her husband have three sons and live in McLean, Virginia.

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