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My Fair Madeline

My Fair Madeline

Fall 2003 Home Video
Ages: 3 - 7 yrs.
VHS Price: $5.99
This feature-length movie exudes charm in several ways. In the story, Paris-resident Madeline is visiting the Louvre museum with her school friends when she accidentally foils the filching of the Mona Lisa. Accused of misbehavior instead of bravery, she is sent to a London finishing school to learn better manners. However, Madeline learns more than deportment as she discovers the thieves from the Louvre are now attempting to nab the British Crown Jewels. The well-executed plot accurately aims for the grade-school set, particularly girls, who can watch the timeless tike put intelligence and honor ahead of polish and manners. Nicely adhering to the illustration style of Ludwig Bemelman¹s original books, the narration rhymes, Whoopi Goldberg voices Miss Clavel, humor adds "ooh la la" to the mystery, and the musical numbers sparkle. Special features are hosted by DiC Entertainment’s (the film’s producer) star detective Inspector Gadget who guides viewers through everything from clever "bloopers" to an explanation of how an animated feature is made.
Gregory Keer   ©2003 Parents' Choice
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