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Love You Forever - The Best of Robert Munsch

Love You Forever - The Best of Robert Munsch

Fall 2004 Storytelling
Ages: 2 & Up
ISBN: 9781894502702
CD Price: $15.99
The magnetism of Munsch’s powerful telling has a profound influence on young listeners. His plot twists encourage all ages to rethink the expected roles of stereotypical story characters. Unusual and thought provoking, Munsch’s stories serve as a catharsis for children as they encounter life’s challenges. Who looks forward to bedtime? Did someone ever make you wear clothes that you didn’t want to wear? Children love participating in these fast-paced, action-packed story treks, and they are thrilled with the opportunity to shout “NO” at authority figures during the story participation and response (in Thomas’ Snowsuit). They ecstatically scream “clang, clang, rattle-bing-bang” louder and louder with each new attempt (by the mother, father, grandparents 17 siblings, and several policemen) to quiet Mortimer (who has been told to be quiet and go to sleep in the story Mortimer).

Each of Munsch’s stories begs for audience participation – and encourages parents and teachers to discuss the situations and solution in each story.

Dr. Flora Joy   ©2004 Parents' Choice
Flora has been described as a “founder” in the world of storytelling. The following are a few examples of programs or events that she began: (1) Storytelling World, an international journal for which Flora has continued to serve as editor since its first issue in the 1980s. This journal is currently part of NSN’s Storytelling Magazine. (2) The Annual Storytelling Resource Awards Program, (3) The National Storytelling Youth Olympics, and (4) The Master’s Degree Program in Storytelling at ETSU (where she taught for 41 years and is currently a Professor Emeritus). She has won many prestigious awards, including NSN’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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