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Mother Nature

Mother Nature

Fall 2004 Music
Ages: Infant - 14 yrs.
ISBN: 6007243006985
CD Price: $12.99
Amidst sound effects of nature tranquil and picturesque, this lovely little CD introduces your wee ones to some of the most evocative, elegant, and programmatic music ever written for the orchestra. From Mendelssohn’s gentle “On the Wings of Song” to Vivaldi’s stirring Four Seasons to the first movement of Beethoven’s beloved “Moonlight Sonata,” Mother Nature is a celebration of the natural beauty of this earth as captured by some of the greatest composers of all time.

This music has the grace and caressing melodic lines that you would expect from an ode to Mother Nature, her finery changing with the seasons, her life-giving force both majestic and nurturing. That’s a lot to pack into a single CD, but the producers have a stunning array of music from which to choose, and for the most part they choose well. For city kids, in particular, whose walks in the woods are a rare and longed-for treat, Mother Nature might be just the ticket. But be prepared. After several hearings, you may have to pack them off to a camping trip or a recital hall.

Erich Parker, APR   ©2004 Parents' Choice
Erich Parker has sung with opera companies and in recital programs around the world and regularly performs under the aegis of The Smithsonian Institution. In addition, he is a frequent guest speaker at schools and student organizations.

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