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Baroque for Babies

Baroque for Babies

Fall 2004 Music
Ages: Infant - 14 yrs.
CD Price: $12.99
Majors for Minors explores the wonderful world of Baroque and Baroque-like music in simple arrangements that allow the transparency and intricacy of the melodic lines to dominate. Many of the hit- parade Baroque composers are here, including J.S. Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel, as well as some composers (Mozart and Brahms, for example) whose occasional works lend themselves to a Baroque-like treatment. The music has in some cases been rescored to take advantage of keys and sound frequencies that are believed to have a positive developmental effect.

In addition to its purported benefits between the ears, the music (even in these reworked versions) is rather pleasant on the ears. Its sprightly tempi and polyphonic melodies are a bit too engaging to promote sleep, so I would not recommend putting this on when you’re about to put the little ones down for a nap or the night. But as a musical backdrop to playtime, you can’t go wrong. And there’s always the side benefit that by doing so you just might be fostering a life-long affection for the beauties of the Baroque.

Erich Parker, APR   ©2004 Parents' Choice
Erich Parker has sung with opera companies and in recital programs around the world and regularly performs under the aegis of The Smithsonian Institution. In addition, he is a frequent guest speaker at schools and student organizations.

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