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Discovery Kids DNA Explorer Lab

Discovery Kids DNA Explorer Lab

Fall 2004 Toys
Ages: 9 & Up
Price: $79.95
The DNA Explorer Lab is a complete laboratory for exploring the extraction, separation and analysis of DNA. The instruction book, complete with history lessons on the development of DNA, provides thorough explanations for conducting the experiments. As in any scientific lab, detailed and realistic instructions require attention to detail in order for the experiments to work properly. The processes described in the manual carefully mimic the actual methods used in human DNA analysis done in forensic laboratories and the plant DNA experiments done in research facilities. The techniques are accurate and reflect a real laboratory experience.

Sturdy and well designed, the kit includes plant DNA (peas) used for the initial experiments as well as eight non-DNA related experiments which explore other science principles including, density, stalagmites, magnetism and polarity.

Pamela Shaw   ©2004 Parents' Choice
Pamela K. Shaw is a forensic scientist with a major metropolitan police department.

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