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Old Century Stretch Run

Old Century Stretch Run

Fall 2004 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Price: $59.95
Horse racing has been a popular theme for American games since the 1880s. STRETCH RUN, an old notion in a new package, is one of the best looking race games around. Old Century Classics, a company producing “retro” style classic games, offers this attractive wood box that opens into a 23” long track with compartments for the metal horses, fancy currency, card deck, special cards, scorepad, cloth pouch, and easy-to-read instruction book.

STRETCH RUN can be played using the simple roll-and-move rules, or with an “advanced play” option using the “running style” cards. The outcome depends pretty much on the luck of the dice, so, except for the ability to block an opponent, there’s not too much skill required for even the advanced play.

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