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Number Race

Number Race

Fall 2004 Games
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
Price: $9.99
Children practice adding and subtracting as they "race" to reach the finish line. The youngest player goes first moving her/his playing piece from card to card based on the number rolled on the dice. After landing on a card, players try to solve the problem presented (e.g. 9+8 = ?; 19-9 = ?). Answers are spoken out loud and checked against the correct answer on the back of the card. If the answer is correct, the playing piece is placed on top of the card displaying the problem solved. If the answer is incorrect, the card back is placed back where it was with the calculation facing up, and the playing piece is moved back to the card where the player's turn began. The first player to reach the goal is the winner. Continue playing until all players have reached the goal.

After mastering the basic game rules, our test groups played variations: all subtraction, all addition, all with numbers in the ones place, all with numbers in the tens and ones place, estimate and order the answers from smallest to largest (while they played the game, they could move the pieces around so that was correct), after the game was done they could put the answers in order from biggest to smallest, using the answers for greater than and less than, and timing their answers.

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