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The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

1988 Home Video
Ages: 10 & Up
Rating: PG
VHS Price: $7.99
DVD Price: $14.99
The Princess Bride is a radiant fairy tale that appeals to adults and children in equal measure. Even the youngest kids can enjoy the swashbuckling heroes, lovable giants, magical spells and shining castles, while adults will savor the wry and knowing humor with which director Rob Reiner pokes affectionate fun at all the old sword-and-sorcery conventions. Best of all, the movie carries a valuable message about the joys of reading. The picture begins in the present with Peter Falk reading aloud to his ailing grandson from a story book that's become a family heirloom. Despite the jaded grandson's initial skepticism about this old-fashioned story, the words from the pages soon come to life on screen as he (and we) are quickly enchanted. The movie certainly contains its scary moments, and there's even a brief scene of torture before the bad guys are finally vanquished, but these are familiar elements to anyone who cherishes classic fairy tales and they only serve to heighten the excitement.
Michael Medved   ©1988 Parents' Choice

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