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Your World: Start Here!

Your World: Start Here!

Fall 2004 Games
Ages: 6 & Up
Illustrator: Kevin Rechin
Manufacturer: innovativeKids
Price: $14.99
Five board games explore a child's world. "Who's Who?" is a famly tree game. "In the House" involves a room-by-room search. "Uptown, Downtown" is a community game of people and places. "All Around the World" is about countries and cultures. "Space Race!" explores the universe.

Cleverly packaged for travel, the game boards are double-page spreads of heavy cardboard bound together into a book. Permanently embedded, and usable on each game board, is a container that holds all the playing pieces. The spinner is on the attached flip-open lid. An extra fold-out panel keeps the game instructions always at hand. For even further appreciation of the care and thought that went into creating this game book, look carefully in the family tree game at the facial features that recur through four generations.

Ruth B. Roufberg   ©2004 Parents' Choice

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