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Jagged Run Stunt Set

Jagged Run Stunt Set

Fall 2004 Toys
Ages: 8 - 16 yrs.
Manufacturer: K'NEX Brands
Price: $19.99
This 247-piece building set comes with enough K'NEX sticks and connectors to build a three-foot tall racing hill. Flexible track sections that define the racecourse can be fitted together on the hill or they can be staggered to create the "jagged run". Opening a simple starting gate at the top of the hill allows the luge (holding an appropriately dressed extreme sports dude) to speed down the hill to the finish line. With a little upturn of the bottom track, the luger is propelled into the air for a flight through a cardboard hoop illustrated with cheering fans.

The 31-page instruction and idea book gives easy to follow step-by-step instructions for building the jagged run and downhill thrill tracks. The use of distinctly different colored pieces and connectors made instructions easy to follow. Illustrations/ideas for making five other fun models are also included. And, once they got the hang of building techniques, the kids had no trouble modifying the presented models into their own extreme creations.

The fun and challenge of building with the thrill of X-treme sport racing, did present a learning glitch. The luger's helmet hit the structure on the jagged run. Removing the hat and modifying the design solved this problem. But we think solving problems is what learning is about. We would, however, like to have seen a few extra critical pieces included.

Ellie and Don Homce   ©2004 Parents' Choice
Don and Ellie Homce are the parents of two sons. Ellie is a former chemistry and physical science teacher and trainer in the hazardous materials field. Currently a professional volunteer at local schools and a thrift shop, Ellie continues to pursue her interests in art. Don is a health and safety and environmental science professional who enjoys building and fixing things. He has been a Boy Scout Leader for the past ten years.

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