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Little Wranglers Flip-Flop Doll

Little Wranglers Flip-Flop Doll

Fall 2000 Toys
Ages: 3 & Up
Manufacturer: HearthSong
Price: $19.95
A unique addition to a doll collection is this mid-18th century style doll that transforms from a blonde, pigtailed, pink-skinned cowgirl to another with different hair color, skin tone, and apparel. Meticulously detailed clothing allows the “suede” vest and hat from one doll to be switched to the other (whose belt and gloves are also suede), while that doll’s flowered kerchief can be transferred to the first doll, who wears a matching flowered skirt.

Fourteen-inch doll is constructed of soft fabric and is surface washable.

Ruth B. Roufberg   ©2000 Parents' Choice

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