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Kim Possible 2: Drakkens Demise

Kim Possible 2: Drakkens Demise

Spring 2005 Video Games
Ages: 6 - 11 yrs.
Price: $29.99
Gaming System: Gameboy Advance
Based on the Disney animated TV show, this sequel to the popular Game Boy Advance cartoon title "Kim Possible" is a platform action-adventure game pitting the pretty cheerleader-by-day crime-fighter-by-night Kim and her long red ponytail against bad guys Falsetto Jones, Gemini, Duff Killigan, Shego and Dr. Drakken.

In these four crime-fighting episodes, each with four levels, Kim collects new gadgetry with the help of friend Wade. And those glue bombs, grappling hooks and hot-sauce sprays, and improved abilities, like bouncing off walls and judo flips, come in handy when racing (fire emitting from her skates) along these sprawling linear levels, trying to avoid obstacles, bop bad guys, leap tall buildings, collect collectibles and find hidden routes. At some point, Kim can even go invisible in her stealth suit!

But, then again, if Kim Possible is invisible, it sort of defeats the purpose of having a knock-out heroine for whom anything's possible upholding what's good and just in the world--a role model for the target audience of girls and 'tweens! Heroines need to be seen, not just heard.

If your child's a Kim Possible fan and is acquainted with how platformer games work--especially their repetitive nature of travelling across demanding scrolling terrain--this game will probably be almost as hot as its cartoon heroine.

Don Oldenburg   ©2005 Parents' Choice
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