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BabyPro: Let's Play Ball

BabyPro: Let's Play Ball

Spring 2005 DVD
Ages: 3 months - 4 yrs.
Producer: BabyPro, LLC
Length: 35 mniutes
DVD Price: $17.95
BabyPro: Let’s Play Ball breathes new life into the baby-video genre by inspiring kids to go out and play, rather than just sit and watch. Three sports are featured, including baseball, basketball, and soccer. With each sport segment, three different levels are presented, starting with little kids playing the sport, moving to older elementary-school-age kids running around, then ending with professionals performing. At every stage, a narrator explains the fundamental skills involved in the sport while kids (and later adults) show how it’s done. Much of the video is in slow motion because the target audience is quite young. The kids are a wide representation of boys, girls, and diverse ethnicities, and the classical music complement to the action.

Note to parents: Parents’ Choice suggests young viewers’ be at least 2 years old.

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