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Da Vinci's Challenge

Da Vinci's Challenge

Spring 2005 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Briarpatch
Price: $19.99
The game board has a mandala-like design formed from just two shapes: triangles with concave edges, and ovals with pointed ends. Two players (or four players in two teams) each have 72 of those shapes, either white or black. The object is to take turns placing the shapes on the board to form any of nine "secret symbol" patterns. Scores are earned depending on the complexity of the symbol. One can play offensively (by trying to complete a pattern) or defensively (by inserting a shape where it will disrupt the opponent's shape in progress).

Although the patterns are quite beautiful, they are not easy to remember, nor are the point values for each pattern, but a reference list is included on the score sheets.

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