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Learning Connections Train

Learning Connections Train

Spring 2005 Toys
Ages: 9 months & Up
Manufacturer: LeapFrog Enterprises
Price: $24.99
This train comes with an engine and five cars, each displaying the number of objects that match the numeral on the car, as an example of number/object correlation.

However, before toddlers are ready for the many levels of "educational play" this train set offers, be patient while they do their own child-directed learning: exploring the cars individually, spinning the wheels, and rolling them along the floor (either individually or linked magnetically), and otherwise becoming familiar with the train.

The accompanying Learning Guide offers good educational content with activities related to counting, colors, and music. However, for best results, parents should be prepared to guide these activities. Without guidance, a child who randomly slides the mode selector will hear unrelated numbers, songs, and verses that may not be meaningful.

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