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Anagramania!  Junior Edition

Anagramania! Junior Edition

Spring 2005 Games
Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
Manufacturer: Karmel Games, Inc.
Price: $26.95
Clever clues are the best part of this game! The answers are embedded in the clues, in the form of a word whose letters must be rearranged (anagrammed) to become another word -- the answer.

For example, the clue "You might get in a STEW if you go in the opposite direction from east" hints at the correct answer: WEST is in the opposite direction from east. A more difficult one is "The King issued an UGLY PARDON, so that children would have a place to exercise," the solution to which is PLAYGROUND.

As many as six players can compete simultaneously. Each has the same 20-clue sheet concealed in a pocket so that only one clue at a time is seen; players each write their answers on their personal answer pad. Scoring is done after all answers have been confirmed in the answer book. Twenty-four different games, each with 20 clues, are included, for a grand total of 480 anagram challenges.

A game board and a 30-sided letter die are included for two play variations.
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