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The Incredibles

The Incredibles

Fall 2005 DVD
Ages: All Ages
DVD Price: $29.99
While other Pixar films had toys or animals as main characters, humans, albeit super-humans, are the focus here. The compelling plot shows how Mr. Incredible gets back into the heroic life, which turns out to be bad for his family before it becomes good. Real emotions are evoked by the children's desires to be themselves in a world in which superhero powers are frowned upon, as well as the adult's needs to not only be good parents but also follow their own talents. Most of the humor is situational, like when Mr. Incredible (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) picks up the dinner table to stop a sibling squabble or when Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) gets her rubbery arms tied up in the same scene. Filmmaker Brad Bird (who made The Iron Giant) garnered "Best Animated Film" Oscar for this one, but also gives voice to the funniest character. As Edna Mode, Bird spoofs bith Bond and the Hollywood fashion industry with his European-accented ("dahlink!") pipsqueak powerhouse of a character. It's easy to be wowed by the wildly imaginative animation and humor, but what makes The Incredibles so extraordinary is that it depicts the trials of modern family life better than pretty much any live-action film in years.

In the two-disc set, viewers can avail themselves to all kinds of goodies, including fascinating audio commentaries by the filmmakers, deleted scenes, and making-of footage. The best options are the hilarious short film "Jack Jack Attack" and the Academy Award-nominated short, Boundin'.

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