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Kim Possible: So The Drama

Kim Possible: So The Drama

Fall 2005 DVD
Ages: All Ages
DVD Price: $19.99
When 'Kim Possible' is not saving the world, she's just like any other teen, worrying about her grades, fighting with her bratty brothers, lamenting her sorry social life and changing her way through various fashion trends.

This original movie spin-off of the television series serves as its finale. Here, Kim finds out that even being a super crime fighter doesn't guarantee you'll be popular. Especially when all your friends start pairing off for the prom, and the only boy in you life is your geeky best pal. And she can't possible be seen at the dance of her life with him!

Or can she? This video shows the importance of staying loyal to your friends, an important lesson to communicate to this age group, who far too often reject childhood pals who don't live up to the popular crowd code. It does so without preaching, with a story to which almost every kid can relate. Add in a great soundtrack that includes heartthrob Jesse McCartney, and DVD extras such as deleted scenes and a McCartney video, and you have a DVD that both you and your 'tweens will enjoy watching time and again.

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