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JoJo's Circus:

JoJo's Circus: "Animal A Go-Go"

Fall 2005 DVD
Ages: 2 - 5 yrs.
DVD Price: $19.99
JoJo's Circus calls itself "a think-and-move show," which makes perfect sense given the thoughtful and interactive episodes found in this collection. The theme is animals, but the messages are quite human as our button-nosed heroine learns about everything from persistence to patience. The four-legged concept comes through in giggle-inducing fashion with such episodes as "Try These On For Boing!," in which JoJo has to walk like an elephant to move in a pair of coil-spring clown shoes, and "Uncle Flippy's Funny Farm," where JoJo and her school friends visit and sing along with a set of talented penguins. For kids (and grown-ups with some imagination), Goliath the lion is a favorite because of his steadfast loyalty to JoJo and his physical humor. In "Brushing Up!," JoJo teaches the lovable lion about brushing his teeth after they collect a brush and toothpaste from trees that happen to grow dental devices like fruit. For this story, JoJo's lesson is that you have to be patient when teaching a skill to someone - a good tip for kids and adults. As always, TV collections can readily be put together by recording your own episodes off cable. But for those without cable or who simply want developmentally delightful and appropriate entertainment ready at any time, this DVD will do trick.
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