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A Big Bowl of Musicroni

A Big Bowl of Musicroni

Fall 2005 Music
Ages: 11 - 18 yrs.
CD Price: $15.99
A Big Bowl of Musicroni features an assortment of Italian-style songs all based on Pullara's cultural heritage. Highlights include original tunes such as “Lot'sa Cousins,” “Pasta, Pasta, Pasta” and “Maria & Don Cheech's Pizzeria”. Also included is the classic “Que Sera Sera”. You certainly don't have to be Italian to enjoy these whimsical, family-centered songs

Hungry families will enjoy the liner notes, with detailed explanations about traditional types of pasta, Italian greetings, expressions and common words or phrases from the Italian culture. Buon Appetito!

Fred Koch   ©2005 Parents' Choice
Fred Koch, founder of, is an award-winning children’s music recording artist and music educator. His music reviews appear monthly in Chicago Parent magazine.

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