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Castle Keep

Castle Keep

Fall 2005 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Gamewright
Price: $11.99
Castle Keep is more than the simple matching game it initially appears to be; it is a contest of strategy that is different each time it is played. With the combination of colorful Tower, Wall and Keep tiles, players can use their turn to build onto their own castle or attack their opponents'. The shape and color of the tiles determine how cards may be played. The first player to construct a 9-tile square castle or to completely destroy an opponent's castle rules the land! Because players can choose to play offensively or defensively and the cards drawn during each turn determine plays, each game is unique.

The game includes 90 colorful tile cards (36 Tower Tile, 36 Wall Tiles, and 18 Keep Tiles) and clearly written, illustrated instructions. Also included are rules for advanced play and alternate game versions that require higher-level critical thinking and problem- solving. Frequent play will result in enhancement of these skills as players become more familiar with the cause and effect of different moves and the benefits of strategic planning.

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Angel Menefee, a mother of three, tutors public and private school students from pre-kindergarten through Grade 12. Mrs. Menefee has authored foreign language, art and music curricula.

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