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Magnetic Challenge

Magnetic Challenge

Fall 2005 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: Geomag USA
Price: $50.00
At last there's something else to do with magnets besides build structures: play a game of strategic moves. Two players each create a "snake" by connecting the ultra-strong magnetic rods to balls, and positioning them on opposite sides of the octagonal board. The object is to maneuver the snake from its original location into the opponent's starting position. The snake must always remain linked, so it can only travel one rod at a time, either on the game board level or by rotating it upwards onto the snake's own "back." The instruction booklet illustrates these moves very clearly.

n essential part of the strategy is provided by two Jokers, each consisting of an upright rod topped by a sphere. They never connect to the snakes, but can be moved to block the opponent's path or to prepare a path for one's own snake to win.

Rules are included for a four-player game. Also, the board can be turned over to reveal an unmarked base in case someone wants to invent an original game or to build unusual constructions, some of which are illustrated.

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