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Building Homes of Our Own, Network Version 2.0

Building Homes of Our Own, Network Version 2.0

Fall 2005 Software
Ages: 12 - 18 yrs.
Platform: windows 98 & higher
This well-designed comprehensive software packages allows middle and high school students to explore the complexities and challenges of building a home: choosing a lot and preparing the land, securing a permit to build, picking the proper foundation, and ultimately selecting every detail of the structure. Along the way, as in any homebuilding process, obstacles arise. Students must enlist the help of experts and in turn are introduced to the many types of professionals who are needed when building a home-environmental consultants, civil engineer and archaeologists just to name a few. While navigating through these challenges, users must be mindful not to exceed their assigned budget. This is an introduction to the real-world home-building process.

Created as a curriculum add-on, many teachers incorporate the program to help students apply math, science and decision-making in a real world application. The program is available, upon request, as a public service to teachers and librarians. To supplement classroom lessons, or to foster interest in the building process as an extra curricular project, go to for details about how your children’s teachers can request a copy.

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