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Bamboo Viatica

Bamboo Viatica

Fall 2005 Games
Ages: 4 & Up
Price: $19.95
Composed of pieces crafted from bamboo, this charming “travel” game challenges memory and matching skills. The gameboard set-up is simple: place the twenty-four colored counters in a circle and arrange the thirty printed tiles face down within the circle. Players choose their playing piece and a suitcase. On his or her turn, a player rolls the die and moves to color counter shown. If the counter has a picture of an open suitcase on it, the player must turn over two tiles. If the color printed on the tiles match, the player keeps the tiles and places them in the suitcase-a slight twist on the classic memory game. If not, the tiles are placed face down in their original positions. Players must remember where the tiles are. The player who collects the most matches wins—and packs the suitcase for a visit to Grandma's.

This game is appropriate for 4 players, ages 4 and older.

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