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Tim's Building Machines

Tim's Building Machines

Fall 2005 Puzzles
Ages: 2 & Up
Manufacturer: HABA
Price: $9.50
This triple-header is a board book, puzzle, and game. Tim is showing your child how his favorite construction vehicles work. On the left side of each double-page spread is a picture of the machine in action, and on the right side is a six-piece jigsaw puzzle of the machine. When the pieces are removed, a copy of the image remains beneath it to help a child succeed in later putting the puzzle together.

To play the game either solo or with up to five players, turn the puzzle pieces face down and mix them all up. Each piece has one of three colors on back. Players take turns tossing a colored die, and must select a puzzle piece of that color. Whoever is first to complete a building machine is the winner.

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