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Didi & Ditto: The Wolf King

Didi & Ditto: The Wolf King

Spring 2006 Software
Ages: 5 - 7 yrs.
Price: $19.99
Platform: windows 98/2000/ME/ XP Mac OS X 10.2/10.3/10.4
Didi & Ditto is an exceptional example of children's' “dutainment” software. The program is highly comprehensive in the skills it covers and provides children with extensive practice of math, reading, science, and arts (music and colors), in a unique and fun learning environment. Children are challenged to help Didi & Ditto (two colorful beavers) save their homeland from the evil Wolf King who has made all the woodland creatures his slaves. By defeating each of the Wolf King's eight lieutenants in various challenges, children help either Didi or Ditto win the flag and medallion of each lieutenant. Once all eight medallions and all eight flags have been won, the Wolf King and his evil court must leave the Valley for good.

Children can choose level 1, 2, or 3 for each activity, game or challenge and can opt to simplify or increase the difficulty of a challenge at anytime. Math skills they must practice include problem solving, addition, subtraction, measuring, and geometry. Reading includes spelling, rhyming, opposites, association, and composing words and sentences. Science skills include: life science, categorizing and geography. Skills of creativity include music and colors.

Most challenges assume that the child can make the necessary distinctions on his own or problem solve to determine the correct answer, but because each game provides immediate feedback or assessment via a “that is correct” or “that is incorrect” response, children can continue to try again until they have mastered a particular skill.

An evaluation of skills can be accessed at anytime to show players or their parents/instructors their skill levels for any activity and to measure progress through the game.

The age range could definitely be expanded to include second and even third grade.

Angel Menefee   ©2006 Parents' Choice
Angel Menefee, a mother of three, tutors public and private school students from pre-kindergarten through Grade 12. Mrs. Menefee has authored foreign language, art and music curricula.

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