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Cyberchase Online

Cyberchase Online

Spring 2006 Website
Ages: 7 - 11 yrs.
Publisher: Thirteen/ WNET
Like so many plots of kids’ TV shows, parents will find themselves baffled by CyberChase. The show, which is the flagship for the CyberChase brand, involves a group of kids who get tossed into cyberspace via their library computer. They find themselves trying to save Motherboard from the Hacker—not exactly a subtle or novel plot. On the website, however, the plot is beside the point; the real point is math skills, and PBS does a fine job of cleverly interspersing math into the episodes, though PBS does have some sites that are much more robust.

Most of the episodes are presented comic book style. The site’s design, which can best be described as cartoon sci-fi, is busy and has that off the shelf feel to it. Interactivity is limited. Perhaps not a destination of its own, this is a learning accessory for a real fan.

Robin Raskin   ©2006 Parents' Choice
Robin Raskin, the former Editor in Chief of FamilyPC, is an Internet safety authority and a writer who speaks to parents and teachers across the country about raising digital kids. Her newest book, A Parent’s Guide to College Life is published Random House. Visit Mrs. Raskin's website at: Robin Raskin

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