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Nick News with Linda Ellerbee

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee

Spring 2006 Television
Ages: 8 - 14 yrs.
Network: Nickelodeon
Show Description:
Losers/ Winners: Three overweight children are put on a supervised three-month program of exercise and good dietary habits and then followed throughout the journey. A telling lesson develops on just how hard (or easy) it really is for a kid to get a healthy body and keep it.

Never Again?From the Holocaust to the Sudan: Linda Ellerbee travels to Auschwitz to remember the Holocaust and the promise that was made: Never Again. The show discusses the individuals who were able to help hide people from the Nazis, and we hear about the impact of these quiet acts of heroism through the stories of the hidden children, and their protectors. The show also addresses the current actions in Sudan, and the world leaders that are unwilling or unable to take action. We meet kids who are taking action to raise money and awareness to help the people of Sudan.

Do Something! Caring for the Kids of Katrina: Linda reports from the Astrodome and tells the story of kids affected by the storm and how they're adjusting to their new lives. Kids also offer a personal message to their peers.

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