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Squint Junior

Squint Junior

Spring 2006 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Price: $16.99
Players build pictures with transparent cards, two inches square, each containing a shape that is a variation of a line, angle, circle, or curve. By combining several such cards, either side by side or overlapping at various angles, players create pictures as simple as a house, or as complex as waterskiing. The primary way to play is by players taking turns as the “builder,” who copies an image shown on one of the 168 Squint cards that only the builder can see in the card viewer. As the builder places appropriate shape cards on the table, the other players try to identify the developing picture—and squinting does help. Whoever is first earns a scoring chip, as does the builder.

Some of our testers enjoyed a variation that allowed more players to build at the same time. Instead of the official builder duplicating the picture shown in the card viewer, she simply states the name of the image, while the others, either individually or cooperatively, strive to create the image from their imaginations. A scoring chip can be awarded for the creation that most resembles the picture card, or to the most imaginative result.

A not-to-be-overlooked feature of Squint Junior is that it is one of the few games that can accommodate more than four players—up to eight, in fact. It also allows for play even solo, for practice, as one youngster reported.

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