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Why Dragonfly?

Why Dragonfly? "What's Up with the Moon?"

Fall 2006 DVD
Ages: 3 & Up
Producer: Why Dragonfly?
Kids videos always face the challenge of finding a way to make educational subject matter entertaining. “Why Dragonfly?” has done it. With a pun-loving “magical” dragonfly named Archimedes as its main character, the DVD is reminiscent of Honey I Shrunk the Kids with a science question as its plot. Computer-generated Archimedes is buzzing around a playground when live-action youngsters Emily and Ryan, who are playing on the equipment, realize the moon is out. “Why is the moon out during the daytime?” they ask. The next thing you know, they've gone down the slide and have become miniaturized by Archimedes, who whisks them off on an adventure to find the answer. Between the Space Science Institute and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the kids get a full explanation of the obit and rotation of the Earth, moon and Sun.
Ann Oldenburg   ©2006 Parents' Choice
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Why Dragonfly?

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