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Sudoku 5 x 5

Sudoku 5 x 5

Fall 2006 Games
Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: ThinkFun Inc.
Price: $9.99
This Sudoku-inspired game incorporates colors and shapes, as well as numbers. There are 48 challenge cards in four levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to expert. Each card shows a unique arrangement of five “regions” of different colors, each composed of five squares connected in different shapes. Some numbers are already printed on the card; it is up to the player to use logic and deduction to figure out the proper location for all the other numbers so that each row, column, and colored region contains all five numbers from 1 to 5 without any numbers repeating.

An instruction guide includes rules, strategy tips, and solutions to all the challenges. A link is provided to the website page where there are 12 additional challenges and solutions. The puzzle is nicely packaged in a travel-worthy folding box with magnetic numbers and a magnetized playing surface. Although the manufacturer identifies this as a single player game, some of the younger testers enjoyed playing cooperatively while learning the strategies.

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