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Room One: A Mystery or Two

Room One: A Mystery or Two

Fall 2006 Audio Book
Ages: 8 - 12 yrs.
CD Price: $19.95
Room One is a witty, engaging story set in contemporary times. Andrew Clements, once again, has his pulse on budding adolescence, this time rural youth in small town Nebraska. A small one-room school, with only 10 students, faces closing unless more families move into the community. Our protagonist, Ted, is the only sixth grader squeezed between fourth- and eighth-grade students. Ted just loves reading a good mystery story. But, a real-life mystery is what he finds when he catches a glimpse of a girl's face in a window of an abandoned farmhouse. Ever since her dad died in Iraq, April, the girl in the window, and her family have been on the move. When their car broke down, they took shelter in the farmhouse. Although Ted agrees to bring them food and supplies, he eventually struggles between telling their secret, which he promised not to divulge, and seeking help from a trusted adult.

Children and adults will find Room One's message of responsibility and bravery well developed and poignant. Clements creates characters that are realistic and endearing, with a surprise ending that will please everyone.

Keith Nobbs, Broadway actor, carefully creates a character with his voice that breathes life into Ted. With ease, Nobbs captures Ted's calm, earnest Mid-West responsible personality.

Barbara Pape   ©2006 Parents' Choice
Barbara Pape is a consultant for WETA’s Reading project and is a freelance education writer and author of two traveling with kids books. She has an EdM from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education and is the mother of two teens who share her love for a good book.

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