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Math Dash

Math Dash

Fall 2006 Games
Ages: 6 & Up
Manufacturer: Learning Resources
Price: $24.95
The goal of this Scrabble-like game is to construct a math crossword using number and operation tiles (+, --, x, ÷, , =) to form interlocking equations. The two-foot-square game board can accommodate as many as eight players, the maximum number for whom the game is intended. At the start, 80 number tiles and four wild tiles are placed face down in the middle of the game board. Spread around the perimeter of the board are 84 operation tiles and equal signs, face up, so everyone can reach them. Each player starts with one of each symbol, then selects three number tiles, and attempts to form an equation. The first to do so calls “Take 3” and everyone takes three more number tiles. The first player to use all six number tiles (there's no limit to the number of symbol cards used) now calls “Take 3,” and the game continues in this fashion until all the number tiles are used. Scoring involves deductions for unused tiles.

The game instructions include many variations for easier game play using only addition and subtraction, for handicaps so those of different abilities can play together, and additional challenges for advanced players.

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