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Spring 2007 Games
Ages: 7 & Up
Manufacturer: Bananagrams
Price: $14.95
This word game brings crossword formation down to its basics. There’s no box, no game board, and no scoring. Just 144 smooth letter tiles pleasant to the touch. There’s also no waiting while other players take their turns. Everyone simultaneously works to create their own individual crosswords. Anywhere from two to eight or more can play. Depending on the number of players, each takes between 11 and 21 letters from “the bunch” and assembles their own layout of connecting and intersecting words. Whenever one player has used all his or her letters, everyone picks another letter tile and the game continues, with players rearranging letters as necessary until the number of remaining tiles is fewer than the number of players. At this point, the first player with no more letters is the winner.

The banana-shaped storage bag with zipper is small enough for traveling. Five play variations, including one solitaire version, extend the interest of the game.

Ruth B. Roufberg   ©2007 Parents' Choice

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