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Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf

Fall 2007 Music
Ages: 5 - 10 yrs.
CD Price: $16.98

Peter and the Wolf is creatively presented with both words (by narrator Yadu) and music (by the London Phil-harmonic Orchestra) in an unusual melodic fashion. This unique story arrangement involves instruments that enhance and support the story characters: The bird is represented by the flute; the duck by an oboe; the cat by a clarinet; Peter's grandfather by a bassoon; the wolf by French horns; the hunters by woodwinds (with kettle drums for their guns); and Peter himself by all strings. As children listen to this musical story, they can process the complex patterns of classical/symphonic music in accordance with their own abilities and interests.

The story itself is followed by several tracks containing information about the composer (Sergei Prokofiev), the story character, the music, and other pertinent information. Accompanying the CD is a 24-page booklet contain-ing follow-up activities and exercises for children to enjoy as they expand their musical knowledge and story skills. Offering tremendous possibilities for parents (and librarians, etc.) to expand children's musical knowl-edge and to encourage their imaginations Magic Maestro's approach is, in short, fascinating.

Dr. Flora Joy   ©2007 Parents' Choice
Flora has been described as a “founder” in the world of storytelling. The following are a few examples of programs or events that she began: (1) Storytelling World, an international journal for which Flora has continued to serve as editor since its first issue in the 1980s. This journal is currently part of NSN’s Storytelling Magazine. (2) The Annual Storytelling Resource Awards Program, (3) The National Storytelling Youth Olympics, and (4) The Master’s Degree Program in Storytelling at ETSU (where she taught for 41 years and is currently a Professor Emeritus). She has won many prestigious awards, including NSN’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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