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Cranium Super Fort Carnival Clubhouse

Cranium Super Fort Carnival Clubhouse

Fall 2007 Toys
Ages: 4 & Up
Manufacturer: Cranium Inc.
Price: $79.99

After pulling it out of the box, it took about 20 minutes to assemble the clubhouse according to the directions. The magnet connectors come together with a satisfying click. The kids helped enthusiastically, and even our 3-year-old was able to insert pieces and put things together on her own.

Part fort, part clubhouse, the "carnival" theme includes tickets and accessories for a variety of carnival games, an air-pressure launcher to shoot balls in the air and some idea cards to inspire fun ways to play with the ring toss or use the cloth flags as parachutes.

Note: On the instructions for one of the clubhouse designs, the manual calls for 8 "bases." But the box only comes with 7.

Lisa Guernsey   ©2007 Parents' Choice
Author of Into the Minds of Babes: How Screen Time Affects Children From Birth to Age 5 (Basic Books, Sept 2007)

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