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Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles First Marks B.U.V.

Crayola Beginnings TaDoodles First Marks B.U.V.

Fall 2007 Toys
Ages: All Ages
Manufacturer: Crayola, LLC
Price: $14.99

For the toddler with the attention span of a gnat, this car with the long name offers a variety of activities. It measures 6"x 5"x 5-1/2" high, and is made of the smoothest plastic imaginable. First, it's a vehicle to push along the floor. Second, it houses three egg-shaped "TaDoodles," which are self-contained paint holders just the right size and shape for a child's first palm grasp. There's no dipping, dripping or spilling because the egg-like pieces are weighted to always return to upright. The marker's tip is dry to the touch but when dabbed on paper, reveals a rich color. And finally there are three empty recesses that serve two purposes. They make it possible to rearrange the TaDoodles, taking them out of one space and moving them to an empty one (a favorite put-and-take activity for toddlers). Or they would hold additional paint colors that are sold separately. You may wonder what B.U.V. means: Beginnings Utility Vehicle, we are told.

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