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Hello Hopla!

Hello Hopla!

Spring 2008 DVD
Ages: 1 - 4 yrs.
Length: 60mins
DVD Price: $14.99

Hopla is a computer-animated bunny who lives in a colorful little house where interesting things happen. Each ten-minute segment begins with the sun coming up at Hopla's house and concludes with Hopla waving bye and the sun setting. He or she is non-verbal, so this DVD can be enjoyed in households around the world. Accompanied by cheerful original music, a grid is shown and slowly each square is removed showing part of an object, and children guess what the object is. Or a grid of squares with one picture revealed is shown, and the other squares are flipped over until there is a match-a whistle blows-and then another card is turned over and a match is sought for it. Shapes and colors twist and distort from one to the other, and viewers shout out what they are. Our young viewers were completely engrossed with these segments, wanting to see one after the other. They loved the guessing games and trying to point out the matches ahead of others. While the American Academy of Pediatrics states that children younger than two should not have any TV or DVD viewing time, this is a charming show that older toddlers enjoy immensely.

Reilly Reagan   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Reilly Reagan, M.L.S. is a librarian and teacher currently working as a full-time mom. She has been reviewing media since 1991, writing for Library Journal and Video Librarian magazines. Her eight-year old and five-year-old sons enjoy helping with critiques.

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