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Itsy Bitsy Yoga Play n' Flourish

Itsy Bitsy Yoga Play n' Flourish

Spring 2008 DVD
Ages: Infant - 10 months
DVD Price: $19.99

Helen Garabedian, creator of the Itsy Bitsy Yoga program for infants, brings her instructional techniques into parents' living rooms with her new yoga DVDs for babies ages birth to 10 months. Each DVD offers a "mini-class" in which Helen teaches two other mothers and their babies how to go through a series of gentle routines, as well as one-on-one routines in which Helen works independently with an infant to further demonstrate the exercises. There is also a special section devoted to working with newborn infants under 10 weeks of age. The DVD menu and accompanying DVD guide included with the disc make it easy to create a custom routine based on your baby's needs or the length of time you have to do the exercises.

The Play N' Flourish DVD features the sections Calming Made Easy to help soothe fussy babies, Bonding Bliss and Growing Strong to help babies learn to stretch, move, roll, sit and crawl.

As the mother of a toddler who participated in an Itsy Bitsy Yoga program in my area, I was impressed with how easily Helen brought the feel of a studio class into my own home. It is fun and easy to incorporate the yoga poses that Garabedian teaches into baby's daily routine - and they really do help with sleep, digestion and creating general calm and comfort for babies.

Jessica Hensley   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Jessica Hensley is a web designer, yoga and fitness enthusiast and proud mother of two very active young boys. She has been working with family and educational websites for over 12 years.

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