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Welcome to WordWorld

Welcome to WordWorld

Spring 2008 DVD
Ages: 3 - 5 yrs.
Producer: WordWorld

Seven animated animals are the main inhabitants of Word World, "where words come to life." Showing pre-readers how individual letters make sounds, and the sounds combine to make words, are Dog, Frog, Bear, Pig, Sheep, Duck, and Bug, whose bodies are made up of the letters that spell their names. In WordWorld, a house is shaped like (and from)the letters H-o-u-s-e, and the barn is shaped like its spelling-even a sand dune is made of yellow brown letters that spell DUNE. There are four episodes on this disc: "Happy Birthday, Dog," where Dog's friends are trying to organize a surprise party with a c-a-k-e; "Sh-Sh-Shark!" where Duck (who has been calling his new finned friend Es-hark) discovers he's actually a shark. "The Mystery of the Disappearing Pie," sees Detective Sheep doing her best Miss Marple imitation to follow the letter clues, and in "Snug as A Bug," Frog tries to help Bug remember the rest of the rhyme "As snug as a bug in a ---?" The amount of thought and detail that is in each episode means there is always something to watch for on repeated viewings, even when the initial lesson of each episode has been learned. A definite "must see" for family or preschool viewing.

Reilly Reagan   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Reilly Reagan, M.L.S. is a librarian and teacher currently working as a full-time mom. She has been reviewing media since 1991, writing for Library Journal and Video Librarian magazines. Her eight-year old and five-year-old sons enjoy helping with critiques.

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