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miniLUK Brain Olympics Collection Set

miniLUK Brain Olympics Collection Set

Spring 2008 Games
Ages: 6 - 8 yrs.
Manufacturer: Beyond123 LLC
Price: $44.95
Attention fans of tangrams and other shape-based activities: Let the games begin. Here, the "hardware" is a thin plastic tray that opens like a book. One side of the hinged tray is transparent; the other is opaque with numbered spaces. Inside the tray are twelve thin tiles that are numbered. These are shaped to fit into the spaces on the colored side of the tray. The "software" is a series of books that display problem sets. The challenges may be mathematical, logical, or simple arithmetic. The player places the correct question tile in the appropriate answer space on the tray. When the series is complete, the tray is closed and turned over, with the transparent side up. Since the tiles have colored shapes on the reverse side, a pattern is revealed that tells the player at a glance whether or not all answers are correct and complete. This unveiling is a fun way to check on accuracy that doesn't require an adult or an answer book.

Basic math skills, pattern recognition, and logical relationships are essential pieces of intellectual development. For kids and parents who enjoy puzzles that use these skills, this offers a portable and very flexible set of activities. The question books are visual rather than verbal, so kids with a variety of learning styles are able to benefit from the fun. The basic instructions take a bit of getting used to, but the process is the same no matter what the problem set, making it worth the investment of time to get the knack. Question sets come in a wide range of difficulty, so learners of different ages can play. The small size and great flexibility make this a solid addition to the long-car-ride or rainy-day assortment of pastimes. Packaging is a bit bland by American standards, but the educational component is substantial, and mastering the challenges yields undeniable satisfaction - and fun.

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Sam Hillers is a former investment analyst turned teacher of English and history. In addition to his academic pursuits, he loves blues and soul music, racehorses, hot sauce, Asian markets, craft beer, YA fiction, and well-made toys. Whenever possible, he shares these passions with his three boys: Bo, Redding, and Mason.

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