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Master Labyrinth

Master Labyrinth

Spring 2008 Games
Ages: 10 & Up
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
Price: $44.99
Master Labyrinth is played on a constantly changing 7 square by 7 square field: 16 squares are fixed and the remainder are moveable maze corridors (straight, elbow and T sections). Beware the menacing dragon that sits high on his golden refuge and protects the treasures found within the labyrinth. The object of the game is to collect as many treasure pieces (in ascending order) as possible and defend against attacks by the dragon and the two gargoyle-like guards.

Via one of the 12 possible points of entry, players take turns shifting the maze pieces, working to create a path to one of the treasures, while trying to thwart the opponents' strategies. The board is different every game and after every turn. Even game pieces move off the board and are placed back into play with the new maze section. Success in this game is largely dependent on a player's ability to visualize the effect of shifting the maze corridors. Anticipation of moves becomes increasingly difficult in three and four player games.

All game preparation instructions were well written, easy to follow, and well illustrated. For an extra challenge, instructions are provided separately in four other languages.

Ellie and Don Homce   ©2008 Parents' Choice
Don and Ellie Homce are the parents of two sons. Ellie is a former chemistry and physical science teacher and trainer in the hazardous materials field. Currently a professional volunteer at local schools and a thrift shop, Ellie continues to pursue her interests in art. Don is a health and safety and environmental science professional who enjoys building and fixing things. He has been a Boy Scout Leader for the past ten years.

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