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Homework Hotline

Homework Hotline

Fall 2008 Website
Ages: 8 - 17 yrs.
Adapted By: Colin Nelson
Designer: Carol Cullather
Designer: Dinh La
Developer: Andrew Wheeland
Developer: Jon Haliniak
Developer: John Calgaris
Developer: Nicole Lagrasso
Developer: Todd McCammon
Developer: WXXI Public Broadcasting Council
Any student stumped by homework or just needing a little extra help in a certain subject area will appreciate the resources this easy-to-navigate, visually-appealing site offers. Kids struggling with math can watch informative (but never boring) videos specific to their trouble area, whether it’s algebra, geometry or word problems. There are also videos for science, language arts, social studies, art and even health.

Kids can also brush up on a subject by playing one of the site’s age-appropriate, entertaining games. For kids who need an extra dose of help the site features Dial A Teacher, a toll-free number where a child can actually speak with a real teacher Monday through Thursday between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. EST. Teachers will enjoy resources including a PDF of 10 Ways to Use Homework Helper in Your Classroom, along with segment guides, show scripts and book reviews.

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