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Kidspiration 3

Kidspiration 3

Fall 2008 Software
Ages: 5 - 11 yrs.
Price: $69.00
There is probably not a more aptly named software title than Kidspiration 3. Inspiration Software's latest creation continues to spur children in kindergarten through fifth grade to learn subjects ranging from science and social studies to reading, writing and math. The program is designed to help students develop strong thinking skills, improve reading and writing and build conceptual understanding. It succeeds on all fronts.

Kidspiration 3 walks students through each subject with easy-to-follow instructions. For example, in social studies, "a time in the past" activity provides an historical time line ready to be filled in with symbols like an Aztec/Mayan temple or a Viking. A "how well do you know the 50 states" section challenges students to select, drag and drop states to create a complete map of the United States. (Make this an election year family challenge.)

Similar learning patterns are followed for each of the other subjects. There's an "adding it up section" in math where students use colored tiles to show different pairs of numbers that can be added up to get an answer. Stories and reports are created using an easily accessible tool bar that has a "picture view" for building webs, groups and picture maps. A writing view tab is located at the top of each screen, allowing children to move seamlessly from matching objects to putting their thoughts in writing. A separate listening tool enables students hear any text read aloud and to record their own voices.

Overall, Kidspiration proves to be a powerful tool for students to visualize their thoughts and develop well-organized stories and reports using 75 ready-made activities that draw from more than 1,200 symbols. While Kidspiration gives younger students an excellent start for learning about a variety of subjects, more advanced students improve comprehension and are taught to organize their thoughts into writing.

Mark Seavy   ©2008 Parents' Choice

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